Dilip Saheb never allowed me to hold his hand in public, Saira Banu

Legendary actor Dilip Kumar celebrated his 90th birthday and veteran actress Saira Banu walked down the memory lane and remembered how their relationship strengthened with time and how 46 years of marriage have changed many things.

They have a 22-year age difference but both stood like strong pillars of support for each other through thick and thin. "Since the day Dilip saheb proposed to me, it's been great... He is the strongest person in my life. He never allowed me to hold his hand in public, but 46 years of our marriage has changed many things. Now we only live for each other".

This year due to the death of many close ones of Dilip Kumar and Saira Banu, they have skipped a grand birthday celebration and opted for a small private party. "This year was a sorrowful year. We lost many dear friends from the industry. So it will be a small celebration at our place with only close friends," Saira, 68, told IANS.

Saira Banu speaks about her love life, "I fell in love with Dilip saheb when I was 12 years old. Beyond my own romance (with him), I can't see anything. In real life, he is very loving, very polished and a sophisticated man," Saira told IANS.

She only wishes him a good, healthy and long life. "I want him to be healthy and happy forever. He is the best person in this world. Dilip saheb is the golden man that god has created. My effort is to keep him and his family happy.

"He is my sartaaj... as you all say, he is my 'pati parmeshwar'. I am a traditional woman by heart and Dilip saheb is supreme to me," she said.

Dilip Kumar, the iconic actor scorched the silver screen in 50’s and 60’s. He gave classics like Madhumati, Shaheed, Devdas, Andaz, Amar, Mughal-E-Azam, Ram Aur Shyam, Karma and Saudagar.

Dilip Kumar’s birthday will be celebrated in Peshawar, the capital of Pakistan's Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, where he was born before he migrated to India.

"In Pakistan, where he used to live, now that place belongs to someone else. But obviously, the people there are very happy and will have a celebration there.

"Not only there, even in London and many other places, people love him and will have a celebration for him. As far as Dilip saheb is concerned, we will have a small get-together with our close family members," said Saira.