Dilip Kumar down with fever

Iconic actor of yesteryear Dilip Kumar is down with mild fever and he is put under house arrest as per doctor’s advice. "I have been having mild fever since a couple of days thanks to the change in the weather. My doctors are not ready to let me go out lest my fever rises," he tweeted Monday.

The actor will turn 90 on December 11th but the iconic actor skip any birthday celebrations as his close friend Yash Chopra and Shiv Sena chief Bal Thackeray recently passed away. Yash Chopra died on October 21st due to dengue and multi-organ failure while Bal Thackeray died on Saturday.

Dilip Kumar rubbishes report of birthday celebration as reported in the media.

"It is appalling how few in the print media take the liberty nowadays to print quotes that spring from the imagination of the scribe. It shocked me and Saira to read newspaper reports with imaginary quotes from Saira about plans to celebrate my birthday," Dilip Kumar said in a post on his blog thedilipkumar.mouthshut.com.

"We have yet to recover from the shock of the passing away of my dear friend Yash Chopra, who was by my side when I blew away the candles on my birthday cake last year and stayed on till the wee hours, sharing the family`s happiness," he further wrote.

When Bal Thaceray passed away, Saira banu felt it hard to break the news to Dilip Kumar as they were very close.