Dia Mirza upset with actor Rohit Roy for his indecent behaviour

Many upcoming actresses have testified that they have often been the victims of lewd advances and indecent behaviour by their male co-stars, directors etc. However recently actress Dia Mirza was the victim of an unruly act by her male co-star actor Rohit Roy. Sources claim that the former Miss India, actress Dia Mirza was extremely upset when co-star Rohit Roy pinched her bottom while she was getting out of the pool.
Both Dia and Rohit are part of a huge star cast for Sanjay Gupta’s film Alibaug and have also worked together earlier in Shootout At Lokhandwala. Both the stars were recently shooting in Goa for the film, but during a break Dia decided to relax by taking a swim in the pool. Dia was enjoying her swim and later Rohit too decided to take a swim and joined her in the pool. However things took a turn when Dia was getting out of the pool, Rohit sneaked up on her and pinched an unsuspecting Dia’s backside. Dia was stunned and hurriedly left the pool in tears. But to add insult to injury, the next day instead of apologizing for his unruly behaviour, Rohit pretended like nothing had happened and casually greeted Dia. But Dia refused to speak to the actor and demanded that he apologise for his indecent behaviour. To make matters worse Rohit denied any such incident and claimed that he did not see anything in Dia and would not hit on her. But when the actress threatened to go public and also complain to his wife Manasi who was present in Goa, he quickly relented and apologized.

Dia was extremely upset with Rohit’s behaviour and his attitude, but later after he apologized and the cast and crew of the film intervened and sorted things out, she decided not to take the issue any further. Dia also did not want to hurt Rohit’s wife and daughter’s feelings and hence dropped the issue. On the issue, Dia merely stated “All I can say is that such issues need to be handled with maturity.” However Rohit denied the entire incident and said “Misunderstandings happen on every set, but there is no truth in that I pinched her. No one asked me to apologise and if Dia were unhappy she would have told me and there is no issue whatsoever.”