‘Dhoom 3’ enters 100 crore club in 3 days of its release

Dhoom 3’ is going great guns since it hit the theatres worldwide on Friday. The film is breaking one after another record and setting a new benchmark. The film has not only earned the title of making a grand non-holiday opener first time in Bollywood but also crossed 100 crore mark in the shortest period of only three days of its release.

Trade pundits predict ‘Dhoom 3’ will enter Rs.250 crore by the end of this week. The film is expected to earn more profits in the coming Christmas and New Year.

"The movie is still doing good business. Dec 25 is Christmas, so the demand for the tickets is more. But the movie is doing well on weekdays too. It surely has the potential to cross Rs.250 crore this week," Rajesh Thadani of Multimedia Combines told IANS.

For Christmas, advance booking is on at Spice Cinemas Delhi. They have already booked 4,000 tickets for Christmas.

"The movie has done really well and is expected to do good business in the coming weeks as well. For Dec 25 alone we have sold 4,000 tickets that means we have already sold 50 percent of our tickets as our capacity is of 8,000," said Punit Sahay, senior manager programming, Spice Cinemas.

Advance booking is still on and audience's interest has not yet died down.

"For 26th we have sold 1,500 tickets in advance booking. The schedule from Friday onwards will be released tomorrow (Tuesday), so the status of advance booking can be known then. But, it`s expected that the movie will earn Rs.250 crore in the first two weeks," Sahay added.

Gautam Dutta, COO of PVR Cinemas, says their pre-booking status for the week is around Rs.3.5 crore.

"The movie is expected to do good business this week with Christmas holiday that will be followed by a weekend. We`ve got Rs.3.5 crore worth pre-booking," Dutta added.

Manoj Desai of Gaiety Galaxy in Mumbai said the matinee shows for the movie has gone down, but the other shows are going houseful and added: "We can only give details about the advance booking on Wednesday."

Along with the Hindi version, ‘Dhoom 3’ has been released in Tamil and Telugu versions respectively. Interestingly, in Chennai, more than 50 percent of the tickets are sold out for the next three days at major multiplexes.

"Since its the Christmas weekend, the film is expected to do equally good business. We have approximately about 10-15 shows over the next three days, including Monday. Tickets for half of the shows have already been sold out," a representative of Satyam Cinemas in Chennai, told reporters.

"We will only open bookings for this week`s releases on Wednesday. Therefore, until then `Dhoom: 3` is expected to continue its good run. Even after that it depends on how the new releases are received by the audience," he added.

Rakki Cinemas sold about 1,200 tickets for the Tamil version of the film in the opening weekend.

"This is the highest number of tickets we have ever sold for a dubbed Hindi film. In fact, we released with equal number of shows in Hindi and Tamil, but the latter superseded by a large margin," Manoj Kumar, a representative of Rakki cinemas, told IANS.

"We have about 40-50 percent bookings for the next few days in this week. I don`t think it`s increase but I feel this is a pretty good number for a dubbed Hindi film. Aamir Khan`s presence made a lot of difference," he added.