Depressed Shahid avoids family and friends after landing in Mumbai

Kareena Kapoor and Shahid Kapur may have split, but for right now both the actors prefer to keep mum about the status of their relationship. In fact there were rumours that Kareena unceremoniously dumped Shahid for Saif and she did not even bother to inform him . Shahid has been away in Toronto, Canada for the shooting of his film and sources have claimed that after the media splashed news of a link up between Kareena and Saif, he became extremely withdrawn and depressed.
Shahid recently arrived back in Mumbai after a month long shooting schedule, he was seen walking out casually from the airport. He even stopped and posed with fans for pictures. However he was met by another male friend, Kareena was no where on the scene and Shahid simply got into his car and drove off. Shahid and Kareena also came face to face on his return from Toronto; it was the first time since their reported split. They had to shoot some patch work for Imtiaz Ali’s film Jab We Met and as the two are extremely professional, they both kept to their word and landed for the shooting, despite their recent split. The one day shoot went of smoothly and there were no tantrums from either Shahid or Kareena. The film unit had called Shahid earlier in the day too shoot his solo portions while Bebo came in later. They both shot for their scenes together and Shahid left the studios immediately after that.

However ever since Shahid has returned from Toronto, his friends claim that he is depressed about his split with Kareena and is avoiding his family and friends as he does not want to talk about the issue. A close friend of the actor claims “He did not even go to meet his dad, actor Pankaj Kapur, who stays close to him or even his mother Neelima Azim. He did not even take our calls and later sent us an sms saying ‘Not Now Later’.” The friend further added “Shahid likes to sleep for long after long distance flights. This time he messaged all of us at different hours, which means he did not sleep at all. This is unlike Shahid. The three and a half years long affair break up with Kareena has started haunting him even more ever since he has landed in Mumbai.”

Meanwhile Shahid is keeping himself busy with work, earlier it was claimed that Shahid looked too young opposite most actresses, but now it seems he is slowly but surely proving himself as an actor. Recently he was cast by Aziz Mirza opposite Vidya Balan and now his newest pairing for a Rajkumar Santoshi film will be with none other than Katrina Kaif. Santoshi is planning to cast Shahid and Katrina in a simple love story. Director Santoshi has wanted to work with Shahid for some time now and said “He's got what it takes, and I know Shahid is capable of great intensity in romance.”