Deepika spends time with family

Since Deepika Padukone has been working non-stop post her illness, the cast and the crew of ‘Housefull’ has decided to give the actress a week long rest. Deepika has made a good use of her resting period by calling her parents from Bangalore to London as she hardly finds time to visit them in Bangalore.

Says a source, “Since the cast involves many other permutations and combinations between Akshay and the rest of the cast they decided to let Deepika rest it out for a week and do scenes with the rest of the cast.”

"My Dad, Mum and sister were here for a few days. I got to spend some much-needed time with them.I hardly get to visit them in India. They visit me in Mumbai more than I visit them in Bangalore. And they visit me when I’m abroad. They came to Bangkok during Chandni Chowk To China. Now they were here in London.I don’t want them to come to boring places. They should’ve fun when they visit me", quips the Om Shanti Om actress.