Deepika, Shahrukh rekindle love after five years

Any young actress in Bollywood would definitely want to do as many projects with Shahrukh, as offered. Deepika and Shahrukh acted together in Farah Khan’s ‘Om Shanti Om’ in 2007. After that Deepika was offered a number of movies opposite Shahrukh Khan by many directors. But Deepika waited for the right movie. Both Deepika Padukone and Shahrukh Khan waited for five years to work together in a project. Deepika and Shahrkuh chose Rohit Shetty’s ‘Chennai Express’ as the movie has an interesting blend of action, drama and comedy.

Deepika says, “I'm genuinely happy that I got to work with Shah Rukh again. And the fact that this happened after 5 years, the excitement is understandably huge. Even though we were offered movies post the success of 'Om Shanti Om', we decided not to take a decision in haste.”

Deepika and Shahrukh wanted to work in a movie which had a similar passion and humor like their first movie together. Deepika was happy that her patience yielded a great project.

Deepika admits that her first movie with Shahrukh was an enriching learning experience for her. “We took time because we were certain about taking up a project, which was as special as our first movie. 'Om Shanti Om' will always be special to me as it was my first Bollywood film. There was so much to learn. For me, 'OSO' experience was enriching”, says Deepika. She further adds, “And if Rohit Shetty's 'Chennai Express' was given a nod, that was only because much like 'Om Shanti Om', this film too offers an interesting blend of romance, drama and comedy. All in all, it is a complete family entertainer. I want people to love and enjoy the film.”

Deepika recalls that while filming for ‘Chennai Express’, she had to develop Tamilian accent. For the same reason, she was made to watch a number of Tamil movies. According to Deepika, developing Tamil accent was quite a difficult task. She says, “Honestly, doing justice to the role wasn't difficult. Since I'm from South India, there weren't any problems in adapting to the culture. I'm familiar with the cultural practices, behavioral patterns and the mannerisms. But getting the accent right was difficult. It was only after I watched a few videos that I could understand the language. And in the next three to four days I realized it would happen perfectly.”

‘Chennai Express’ starring Deepika Padukone and Shahrukh Khan is releasing on 8th August.