Deepika replaces Anushka as Ranbir's ladylove

Anushka Sharma was highly thrilled to play heartthrob Ranbir Kapoor’s heroine in Ayan Mukherjee’s ‘Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani’. Ranbir was her favorite and it’s like a dream come true for her when Ayan Mukherjee of ‘Wake Up Sid’ fame approached her. But her dream shattered when the original choice of the director Deepika Padukone walked in.

Ayan at first approached Katrina Kaif and Deepika Padukone for the role but at that time both the actresses cited dates problem. They could not manage dates for Ayan’s film. A source said, "Anushka has been wanting to work with Ranbir. The role in Ayaan's film suits her personality and it would have been a fresh jodi. Anushka was approached, after the producers had date issues with both Deepika and Katrina. However, once Deepika said yes, everyone thought she would be a better choice."

The director then turned to Anushka Sharma and she readily agreed. She even said in an interview, "I would love to date Ranbir. He is such a cute guy."

When Deepika accommodated dates and gave her nod to Ayan, Anushka was dropped out. The director had the feeling that Ranbir and Deepika’s pairing would be an added advantage. They were initially lovers then split-up and then patched-up again. Audince would be highly enthusiastic to see the ex-couple romancing on-screen.

Another reason for choosing Deepika is her higher star value compared to Anushka.

The source further added, "The two had got pretty close and there were speculations about how they will soon star together. It was during that time the discussion about Ayaan's film came up. However, Deepika is a bigger star and with Ranbir and Deepika's history, there is a lot more interest generated among the audience."

Unfortunately, there created an uncomfortable equation between Anushka and Ranbir. "There was a time they would meet during parties, but now they hardly talk. Even during recent award ceremonies they haven't been seen greeting each other."