Deepika, Ranbir love gifting each other

Deepika Padukone and Ranbir Kapoor are techno savvy. They always used to upgrade themselves with the latest technology. Another interesting fact about them is that they used to buy everything in twos. If Deepika likes anything, she buys the same thing for Ranbir also and the same is with Ranbir.

Recently Ranbir gifted Deepika a BB which he brought for himself.

Says a source close to the couple, "Deepika and Ranbir and tech-savvy and keep upgrading their computers, phones, iPods etc. Whenever Ranbir shows her a new gadget, she tells him 10 new things she has already figured about it. At times, they are like small children squabbling over who knows more about which gadget. Both are always competing with each other to gift the other the latest gizmo in the market."

Discloses the source, "Last year Deepika gifted Ranbir a compact laptop which was light and easy to carry. The next day he bought an identical laptop for her and sent it to her home! Two days ago, she bought him a 17-inch notebook on his birthday and now she's expecting the same thing from him soon."

When Deepika was asked about the identical gifts, she says, "These things are too personal to talk about."