Deepika Padukone on Vogue

Deepika Padukone will be on cover page of Vogue magazine this month wearing much denim and looking hot. Bollywood diva talks about all things related to love, fashion and basically being in the public eye. And for all you Deepika-Ranbir fans, she goes on to speak about her ex-beau and what transpired between them. "We were young and in love, and I really didn’t see anything wrong in being vocal about that. I thought being honest would work well, but yes, I would definitely think twice (about being so public) again," Deepika said. On her fashion statement and style, she explained, "My style has been evolving and I am experimenting with new silhouettes. Overall, though, I just believe in being well-turned-out at all times." Deepika added.  
Deepika’s favorite wardrobe items includes ripped jeans and anklets while she enjoys wearing, "Pyjamas, tracks and tees – I can’t wait to get into them every night!" Looking to copy this fashionista, Deepika prefers shopping in London.  
And lastly, while the verdict on Housefull ala Housefail is out, her take on the films look prerelease was as follows, "It’s super stylish. The London look is shorts and blouses, but with an English influence – puffed sleeves, lace and simple accessories. The Italian look is sexier – bikini tops and shorts with mul-mul tops." Deepika said.