Deepika Padukone joins Facebook, gets 1,503,928 likes

‘Cocktail’ actress Deepika Padukone is the latest celebrity to join the bandwagon of Facebook. As soon as he joined Facebbok, she got 1,503,928 likes on her page which added to her 2.6 million followers on Twitter.

Deepika’s official Facebook was Deepika’s official Facebook page is designed to look like a reflection of her life, marking a few milestones in both her career and personal life. Seeking to be informative, interesting and fun, the page has photos from her childhood to her current acting career today. The page seeks to be a treat for all her fans.

After two back-to back hit, Deepika Padukone is extremely excited about her recently launched Facebook page, “I have never been on Facebook before. Now with this launch, I am really excited to be on this interactive platform and be able to connect with my fans!”

Just like the beautiful actress, her fans are equally delighted about the launch of her Facebok launch and are looking forward to watch her timeline progress! So get ready to an exclusive glimpse into the life of Deepika Padukone at www.facebook/deepikapadukone.