Deepika Padukone gets intimate with Ranveer Singh

Deepika Padukone has shot an intimate scene with alleged boyfriend Ranveer Singh in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s ‘Ram Leela’. It is heard that their off-screen chemistry rocks in the film and it is assumed that it is the result of the great bond they share off-screen.

Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone’s alleged love saga kick-start on the set of ‘Ram Leela’. Ranveer is head over heels in love with Deepika and he has expressed his liking for the long legged actress numerous times.

Ranveer Singh has been reportedly visiting his co-star Deepika Padukone at her apartment quite frequently. They both spend quality time at the actress’s apartment, away from the shutterbugs.

It seems that the couple has been taking things slow. It was earlier rumored that Deepika and Ranveer were living-in together.

A leading magazine's source quoted, “Ranveer and Deepika have been going steady. Though they have been carrying out their romance over hush-hush lunches and dinners, they are spending quality time together inside the cosy confines of her home. Critics may say it's all for the publicity of their upcoming film, the two are very much in love.”

After ex-Ranbir moved ahead with Kat, it’s an apt time for Deepika to move on as well. 

In a recent interview, Deepika was all ga-ga about her new boyfriend. She said, “We are very compatible. He's got the gift of spreading happiness. He walks into the room and makes you smile.” Well, this is the reason why Deepika is letting her prince charming walk into her life. 

Recently, Deepika and Ranveer were spotted enjoying a good time at olive bar in Mumbai. A neighbor of Deepika told that Ranveer has been quite frequent at the actress’s flat and the two spend quality time together. Many times, Ranveer has dinner at Deepika’s place. Deepika is staying in a post apartment in Prabhadevi, Mumbai. She owns that apartment.

The chemistry between the alleged couple took-off to another level. Deepika and Ranveer are reported to have observed a one day fast in the holy month of Ramadan. They did not take an off from work. They both did their shooting and in the evening, enjoyed Iftaar party together.

Well, something serious is really cooking up!