Deepika angry over Ranveer’s skin show in 'Ram Leela'

We often heard boyfriends keep a sharp eye over their girlfriends as what they wear on-screen, they keep a track whether their clothes are too revealing or it exposes more than what it should be but in Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh’s case the scenario is altogether different. Deepika is reportedly angry over Ranveer’s skin show in 'Ram Leela'.

Sanjay Leela Bhansali wants to include something similar to Ranbir Kapoor’s famous towel dance in Saawariya in his upcoming movie ‘Ram Leela’ and he convinced Ranveer for the bold act for 'Ram Leela'. The entire unit, including the director, was impressed with Ranveer’s low-waist lungi pose except his ladylove Deepika Padukone who thinks it was bit vulgar.

“It was a bit revealing. But Ranveer has the body to carry it off. Deepika, however, was very vocal about her opinion. She felt Ranveer was trying to do a John Abraham in Dostana,” says a unit member.

The difference in opinion resulted in a small tiff between Ranveer and Deepika and the alleged couple did not talk to each other for two days.

“Let’s not blow this out of proportion. It was just a lover’s tiff and they patched up after a few days,” says an eyewitness.

However, things settled down after two days. The entire episode clearly indicates that Deepika is very possessive about her boyfriend and she does not want him to show his body more than the certain limit.

Well, it clearly shows that the love story of Deepika and Ranveer are going strong!