Deepika back into Ranbir’s life

‘I am single and ready to mingle’, this is what Ranbir Kapoor said after splitting away from his darling Deepika Padukone and Deepika too indirectly declared her singleton status. In spite of their individual declaration, Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone were spotted outside Mumbai multiplex. Both went to see film, ‘Housefull’.

But Deepika rubbishes the report in the following words, “If I’m out for a movie with someone, it does not mean we’re in a relationship. When I was involved, I was open about it. People should respect that. I’m single today. When I do have something serious to talk about, I will.”

Earlier quite a couple of times, news spark that Ranbir and Deepika wanted to give a second chance to their relationship and their outing might be the start of their new relationship. But Deepika denies the rumor in the following words, “Ranbir and I are good friends. Period. If there’s something more, I’ll talk about it at the right time.”

Ranbir’s parents are blamed to have seperated the two souls. After the break-up, Ranbir’s name was linked up with Katrina Kaif and Deepika’s with Farhan Akhtar.

Whatever, Ranbir and Deepika looks wonderful together and their fans will definitely love to see them together again in reel as well as in real.