David Dhawan yells at John

John Abraham is in the industry for more than six years even then his acting is not regarded up to the mark. Sometimes he is regarded expressionless by critics and sometimes he is tagged with amateur actor but negative comments never bend down John and every time he puts in extra effort to get his role correct. Recently, his flaw acting annoys director David Dhawan and made him to shout at him in the presence of all.

A unit source informed, “During the recently concluded Hyderabad schedule of ‘Hook Ya Crook’, a scene was being shot which required John Abraham do not much as it was a pretty simple scene which didn’t require much acting histrionics. But John Abraham was simply not getting his lines right. After many retakes when he started getting his lines right, he was unable to match his facial expressions for the same. Then again many retakes followed. David Dhawan who has acted with best and worst of the Bollywood’s acting talents is generally known to be a cool chap when it comes to handling such situations but then even he began to run out of patience. When one more shot went kaput, he simply yelled in desperation and avoiding lambasting John in front of everyone and to cool of his own temper he announced for a long break.”

John who has hiked his price like never before is still struggling to get a simple scene correct.