Cyrus dating Sonam?

In ‘Delhi 6’, VJ Cyrus Sahukar might have played a small innings with Sonam Kapoor but in real, they are planning to go a long way. Grapevine buzz that Sonam Kapoor is dating Cyrus. They have developed a soft corner for one another while shooting for ‘Delhi 6 where Cyrus played a photographer.

They have also been roped in for Anil Kapoor’s ‘Ayesha’, an adaptation of Jane Austen's classic Emma. Now-a-days, Sonam Kapoor is mostly spotted with Cyrus. Both hang together and spend quality time with each other. They seem very comfortable and enjoying one another’s company to the fullest.

Cyrus is clean bowled by Sonam’s happy go nature and enjoy being with her, he says, "Sonam beats me up randomly. I think she was my doctor in my last life. Whenever I'm a little low, she electrocutes me."

Their new brewing love story might have started to catch fire but Cyrus denied to be romantically linked with Sonam.