Court puts stay order on 'Ram Leela' release

A Delhi court on Tuesday put a stay order on the release of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s movie ‘Ram Leela’ till further orders. The movie which stars Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone is scheduled to be released on 15th November.

Additional District Judge AS Jayachandra, restrained the director and the producer of the movie from releasing it in an ex-parte interim order till further notice. The suit was filed against director and producer of the movie, Sanjay Leela Bhansali; the production company, Eros International Media Limited; and the Central Board of Film Certification for granting certificate to the film for release

The stay order came in force after six petitioners filed a plea. The petitioners also included Prabhu Samaj Dharmik Ram Leela Committee. According to them the movie promoted sex, violence and vulgarity.

The plea said that the title of the movie ‘Ram Leela’ is misleading. Ram-Leela is a very pious word for Hindus as it depicts the life journey and teachings of Shri Ram who is a Hindu god. But the movie is contrary to that. The plea also said that the title may cheat people. Many audiences will go to the theatre thinking that they will be watching a mythological film and will be taken by embarrassing surprise. The film aims to hurt the sentiments of people.

“The commercial exploitation of the word ‘Ramleela’ amounts to infringement. The defendants cannot be allowed to misuse the same for their commercial venture”, the petition said.

Earlier, the Delhi High Court had declined to put a ban the movie and in turn even imposed a fine of Rs.50,000 on an NGO which had moved the plea against the film.

In a fresh turn, the court has asked the movie to change the title. “The judge has allowed the interim application and the producers are restrained from using title name Ram-Leela scheduled to be released on November 15 till the next date of hearing, i.e. December 5, 2013.” Praveen Choudhury and Prayank Kumar Sharma said. They both represent petitioners

Before this also, a petition was filed in Gujarat high court, seeking a ban on the movie in Gujarat. According to petitioner Dr. Jayendrasingh Jadeja from Rajput Samaj, “The movie shows Rajputs and Rabari communities having enmity since 500 years. This statement is totally false, wrong and highly objectionable. It is aimed at igniting caste war between two communities which is a serious criminal offence and amounts to arrest under National Security Act. The movie also shows heroin as daughter of Royal Jadeja family romancing with a Rabari Boy which is highly objectionable. It breaches religious faith of 15 crores Rajputs of India.”