PK second poster: Aamir Khan wears Rajasthani attire

<PK>Although Aamir Khan’s next film ‘PK’ will be releasing almost 4 months later in December, he has already successfully increased the interest in the film. This was made possible by the first poster of ‘PK’ which took the entire nation by storm. The poster depicted Aamir Khan standing on railway tracks, nude, with only a radio covering his modesty. Aamir released the second poster which shows him a red angrakha teamed up with white pyjama and a trumpet in his hand.

"The more posters we will reveal, the more people will get confused," Aamir said.

While it made Aamir Khan and his film a talking point it also caused a lot of controversy with some deeming it offensive and vulgar. Cases were filed against him in court on grounds of promoting nudity and obscenity. However, recently the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Aamir Khan and the film’s director Rajkumar Hirani. The apex court dismissed a petition filed by All India Human Rights and Social Justice Front. The Supreme Court said in its judgment that those who do not like the film’s poster can make a personal choice of not watching the film. But since it is a matter of entertainment and art, putting any restrictions on the release of the film can affect the rights of film makers. 

Aamir had defended the poster saying, "When you (audience) will watch the film then only you will be able to understand the idea behind (the poster). But I would just like to say that the kind of filmmaker, the kind of writer Rajkumar is, he always tries to present the things, his thinking, in a unique way and that's why I am his huge fan." Amidst the controversy Aamir had also announced that a new poster of the film would be released and this time there will be no radio.

The new poster was originally scheduled to come out on 15th August but it was postponed to avoid any conflict with the trailer launch of Shahrukh Khan’s upcoming film ‘Happy New Year’ which will be released before ‘PK’.  Last week Aamir said to reporters, "We are releasing our second poster for PK August 20 and in that poster I am not holding any transistor even.” The actor also revealed that he has worked hard to pick up the Bhojpuri language to speak in the film. Aamir said, “I took special training for Bhojpuri language as I am speaking Bhojpuri in ‘PK’…I took special training for it for almost two years from my dialogue coach Shanti Bhushan.” Apart from Aamir, ‘PK’ also stars Sanjay Dutt, Anushka Sharma and Sushant Singh Rajput.