Comedy Nights’ to Go Off Air, Kapil Promises Return

There is a popular saying, “all good things must come to an end”. Looks like the saying will be applied to popular TV show ‘Comedy Nights with Kapil’ soon enough. Reports have been circling for some time now, that the show will stop because the host Kapil Sharma will get busy with his film project. Colors, the channel that telecasts this weekly show is yet to make any official statement on the matter.

 However the host himself, Kapil Sharma has confirmed that the show will go off air in September 2014. Although millions of viewers will be disappointed, Kapil kept their hopes afloat with promise of a return. He posted, “Comedy nights is going off air from September.. V will come back with new characters n new set.. Till den.. Keep smiling :)”. After that he also posted to thank the fans for their support, “Thnk u so much for ur love for comedy nights. Keep smiling n stay happy :)”. Kapil has also said that he will be talking with the channel soon about the possible second season. Now it remains to be seen how the channel responds to this situation. Although the channel would surely want to retain such a popular show for telecast, it will also depend on Kapil’s availability and his other projects.

 Kapil Sharma recently signed with Yash Raj films to act in the film ‘Bank Chor’. Since then it was being said in the industry circles that Kapil will be cutting down on his TV and stage shows so that he can devout time to the shooting of the film. According to sources, Kapil proposed to the channel to make the show ‘Comedy Nights’ once-a-week from its current twice-a-week schedule. But last week news emerged that the channel authorities have declined Kapil’s request for the change. While TV shows often shoot episodes in advance, Kapil has explained why it is not possible with his show. His show is often visited by stars who come to promote their upcoming films therefore he cannot shoot episodes with the stars much in advance. Kapil said, “I can't create a bank of episodes for two months when I shoot my film because all the stars who come on my show do so when they are promoting their films. I can't tell them, Aap pehle aa jao kyonki meri film shooting hai (Please come on the show earlier because I am busy shooting my film)."  The fans of the show can now only pray for the show to return sometime in future.