Check Photos: Raima Sen declares marriage on twitter

Tipsy Raima Sen declared her marriage to her boyfriend Varun Thapar last night followed by some pictures where Varun is seen proposing Raima on his knees and then the next morning, she denied. "I am getting married to Varun Thapar," read her tweet, adding "Varun is my best friend." This was followed by five pictures of the couple, including one where Varun got down on his knees.

While next morning, she has made a damage control, tweeting, "Last nite was a joke and I'm not getting married (sic)."

"The pictures which Raima put up were taken at a party on Saturday in Kolkata. They had gone with a group of friends. Raima was in a good mood. She just wanted to have fun. In no time, she was in high spirits. And the spirit was doing the talking," Raima's close friend informed.

The Sen and Thapar families were totally shocked by the news. "They didn't know what to do. No one knew what had happened the night before that led to such a declaration all of a sudden. It was only after Raima woke up on Sunday morning that Sens learnt that her high spirits were to blame," the tabloid quoted the friend as saying.

The actress denied marriage anytime soon but she is sure that she would marry Varun someday. "Of course, it is not true. But you know what… I would definitely like to marry Varun, one day," the actress told the tabloid.

Raima Sen (@raimasen): Morning.well d Mumbai mirror artcile today was was a prank tht went out of control .but it was all in fun.whrs ur sense of humour.

Raima Sen: (@raimasen): hope all my followers understand that I was just having fun with my friends guess need to be careful as not every follower is a well wisher.
Raima and Varun
Raima Sen and Varun Thapar
Raima and Varun
Raima Sen and Varun Thapar
Raima and Varun
Raima Sen and Varun Thapar

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