Chaos in Kalighat over Rani Mukherjee’s visit

Rani Mukherjee who is busy promoting her upcoming film, ‘Mardaani’ landed up in the religious place, ‘Kalighat’ in Kolkata and her arrival created chaos in the city of joy. Fans went berserk to spot their Bengal daughter among them. People of every age group thronged into the temple premises to get a glimpse of Rani.

The crowd was uncontrollable and police almost failed to control the large mob. No sooner Rani Mukherjee’s convoy of cars and bouncers parked in the temple premises around 5 pm on Tuesday, chaos created. The locals shouted, "Ami dekhbo... aapni shorun (you move away... I want a view)," "Amra Rani ke dekhechi".

Paparazzi tried their level best to click Rani’s photo.

Indeed, an exhausted policeman on the spot said: "Nowadays, everybody is the media. All they need is a smartphone."

An entertainment reporter admitted: "I have never felt so scared... for a moment I thought there would be a stampede and I would be caught in that."

Rani’s ‘Mardaani’ is slated to release on August 22.