Censor board slams ‘A’ certificate on the movie ‘Heroine’

Madhur Bhandarkar is well known for his woman oriented movies that exposes the harsh realities of the real world on the face of the audience. ‘Fashion’ and ‘Chandni Bar’ were grim film that showcased the dark alleys of fashion world and prostitution. The director is back again with his new movie ‘Heroine’. It is supposed to depict the story of a Bollywood heroine. It will show the not so comfortable nooks and crannies of our very own Bollywood industry.

The movie has been surrounded in controversy from the very beginning of the project. The rumor making the round was the riff raff between the actor Arjun Rampal and the director. The bone of controversy being that the role of the actor was over shadowed by the leading actress in the movie, Kareena Kapoor. He was even side lined from the promos of the movie.

Even the producer of the movie was not happy with the television trailers of ‘Heroine’. Madhur and the producer didn’t agree on the prepared trailers which delayed airing of the promos. The trailers showed Bebo smoking, drinking and doing crazy acts. This alarmed the producer about this might attract an A certificate from censor and it needed to be mellowed down. The promos were supposed to be aired on 1st June 2012.  

In a recent development the Censor board has given the movie an ‘A’ or adult only rating. Madhur doesn’t seem raffled with the decision of the board. His comment on Twitter is a testimony to this, which states “As expected got a ‘A’ certificate from the censor board.” In fact it seems now days getting an ‘A’ rating is a status symbol and Bollywood is using it in its advantage to promote the movies. ‘Jism 2’ is a glowing example of this trend.

Madhur had earlier explicitly stated that the movie will depict the real incidents and practices in the tinsel town industry. However, the role of Kareena Kapoor is not based on any particular actress of the industry from the past or present.

Though the soul of the movie might be similar to ‘Dirty picture’ it doesn’t have any role model like ‘Silk Smitha’. We are eager to learn more about the project but silence is all that we get from the ‘Heroine’ team. We sure hope that we get treated to another good movie from Madhur in the end.