Celina’s horrible experience at Delhi airport

Sultry Celina Jaitley had a horrible experience at Delhi airport when her things been manhandled by the security staff while checking. Many valuable items of the lady were broken and she was quite depressed. In spite of her complain, they remained calm and did not show any quilt feeling but passed the matter with a simple 'sorry'.

"I agree that authorities there are doing their duty and we too are completely cooperating with the security measures. It is for our own benefit and I understand that we should comply with them. However, who gives them the right to mishandle things belonging to others? It was heartbreaking to see my stuff in a bad shape. Both my iPod as well as Blackberry have lost their sheen due to callous attitude of men who were doing the scan," Celina said.

She turned more furious when instead of attending her complain, the security officers kept smiling at her. "These guys don't know how to behave with women. I went up to the officer in charge and all he could say was 'Sorry'? Also, they told me in no uncertain terms that they couldn't repair what was broken. Moreover, the guys who did it were grinning in front of him. What a shame! Someone ought to teach these cops how to behave with women", she said in disgust.