Celina looking forward to play a lesbian

Staunch supporter of lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender (LGBT) community Celina Jaitely is all set to portray the community in an international movie. When asked if she would want to play the part on-screen, “Absolutely. In fact, I am looking at a script right now. It’s not Indian unfortunately. I will be doing that film, if everything works out.” Celina said.

Celina was talking to the media on the sidelines of a press conference called to announce the Bombay’s first queer film festival, Kashish.  Celina Jaitley opened the first GLBT Kashish Festival in Mumbai on Thursday. “I want to say this that these films are also about human emotions.  You will get to see films not only from India but from abroad. I want to invite all of you to witness what human emotions and these movies are all about.”  Celina added.
Amongst the movies on show at the Festival is the wonderful Nina’s Heavenly Delights with Shelley Conn and Laura Fraser about a young woman who runs away to London to avoid an arranged marriage and when she returns three years later finds her father’s Indian restaurant is on the verge of collapse.