Celebs comment on SRK's misbehavior at Wankhede

Shahrukh Khan was criticized for his misbehavior with MCA security staff and officials at Wankhede Stadium on Wednesday. Following the scuffle, he might face a ban from entering the Wankhede Stadium in future. SRK in his statement said that he was rude but not drunk. He added that the children were mishandled by the security and therefore he couldn’t control his temper.

Celebs posted their views on Shahrukh Khan’s behavior.

Writer Shobhaa De reacted, “wrong strategic move image wise given that he displayed no remorse nor embarrassment at what had happened.”

Shobhaa De further added, “Had he expressed regret and apologised for his aggressive, abusive behaviour (regardless of the provocation), he would have earned a few brownie points instead of alienating fans. Someone should’ve advised him better. He cut a sorry figure. He was a far cry from the old SRK, who was always on the top of his game.”

However, some celebs don't agree with Shobhaa De.

Chunky Pandey supported Shahrukh Khan, he said, “I have known Shahrukh for years. He has not changed, Pushed to a corner, everyone will behave like that. Look at the way media has exploded. Every thing a star does, even the most innocuous stuff is grist for the TV channels. And some people just love to get their two seconds of fame by dissing out the stars.”

Ad guru, Prahalad Kakkar feels the same that SRK was insulted in front of kids and it is totally rubbish that he was drunk with kids around. He also added that BCCI and any other cricket club are trying to defend the security guard.

Mushtaq Sheikh, the writer of ‘Ra.One’ believes that it is unfair to have different rules for superstars and stars are always targeted as they are always in the public eye.