Cases against SRK for smoking and promoting alcoholism in public

Actor Shahrukh Khan is a chain smoker although he is not proud of the fact and has also admitted that he is trying to quit. However recently the actor was seen lighting up at prominent event, and this has not gone down well with a number of anti-smoking organizations. Now an NGO has filed a case against the actor for smoking in public places.
Shahrukh was recently caught on camera smoking both at the Hindustan Times Leadership Summit as well as the recent twenty-twenty match. Now an NGO, the National Organisation for Tobacco Eradication has filed a case against the actor for smoking in public places. After seeing the actor smoking at these two prominent events where a lot of people were present, the NGO decided to file a case. The NGO has sent SRK a legal notice regarding the matter and has asked for a replay within 15 days of the notice. General Secretary of the organization Dr. Shekhar Salkar said “We have sent him a legal notice seeking explanation about his act. And its not just about law or act, it’s about decency. A respected person like him should not have behaved like that in a public place.”

After a legal notice for smoking in public, another case has been filed in Madhya Pradesh against SRK for appearing in a commercial endorsing a liquor brand. Vinod Kumar Tripathi filed a petition before the court in Madhya Pradesh claiming that the actor was promoting alcoholism by appearing on a hoarding for the liquor brand ‘Master Stroke’. The hoarding was in a public place and also had the catch line “Success needs a master stroke.” The advertising of any tobacco or alcohol product at a public place is prohibited in India. Many of these organisations believe that as SRK is one of the biggest youth icons in the country, he should be even more responsible about the image he cultivates and smoking and promoting alcohol at public events will only end out the wrong signals to the youth.