Bollywood stars not supporting Anna Hazare's movement

The country is still brimming with support and enthusiasm for the protest against corruption spearheaded by social activist Anna Hazare. But here we present the list of a few celebrities who think that this is not the right way the protest should be conducted and hold different views about the subject.

1. Rahul Bose
Rahul Bose















Rahul Bose believes that the way the entire issue has been handled by Team Anna is un democratic and ineffective. He goes on to say “'it's totally anti-democratic. Imagine one day a janlokpal panel made up of very intelligent rightwing despots. The mobilisation of the middle class by Anna, arvind, prashant and the rest has been INCREDIBLE, but to what end?... change has to come from WITHIN a democracy. To clean it up doesn't mean you set anti-democratic precedents”. Despite being against the movement, Rahul has condemned the decision to arrest Anna.

2. Mahesh Bhatt
Mahesh Bhatt

Eminent filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt has opposed the bill saying that it is a danger to the parliamentary democracy of the country. He believes that the menace of corruption can’t be treated with a bill, but it should be eradicated by awareness and public movement. Bhatt also said that it is improper to centralize the power to govern the government institutions in the hands of a small body like the Lokpal Panel.

3.Anurag Kashyap
Anurag Kashyap















Filmmaker Anurag Kashyap has also shown his dissent towards the manners Anna has used to protest and make his demands considered for. Kashyap says that though in a democratic country like India , everyone has the right to protest and keep forwards his views for discussion , but he doesn’t agree with the list of demands that the team has put forward. He says that threatening the government of a fast till death is tantamount to blackmail and there are other mature ways to deal the issue.

4. Dev Anand
Dev Anand











Evergreen star Dev Anand has maintained a neutral stand on the issue and has shown disagreement towards fasting until death as a weapon to negotiate with Govt. He also has shown his suspicion about the veracity of Anna’s supporters and believes that given a chance , they too may get involved in corrupt practices.

It is evident that Bollywood also has its share of disagreements over a social issue , which is quite obvious to have. Nonetheless, with the kind of support and enthusiasm the Anna movement has gained throughout the country, these celebrity opinions are definitely overshadowed.