Bollywood stars and their palaces

The name of Bollywood is almost synonymous to the phrase ‘larger than life’. Naturally the houses that the celebrities dwell can be described as anything but mundane. The houses of the Bollywood celebrities speak loudly of their achievements and living styles. Let us take a look at few such famous celebrity real estates.


The King Khan didn’t have any godfather and nor did he belonged to any filmy family. His sheer grit and talent made him the super star that he is today. Mannat is an ode to his success. It is a dream home that Shahrukh built for his family at Bandstand, Bandra in Mumbai.

Krishna Kunj

The beautiful house at Pali Hill, Bandra is closely guarded by huge walls and is aptly named as Krishna Kunj. It is the place which Rishi Kapoor, Neetu Kapoor and Ranbir Kapoor call their home.


The Bachchan’s have two huge bungalows in Juhu, at a mere distance of one kilometer. Out of these they prefer to live at the bungalow named Jalsa. Big B, Jaya Bachchan, Abhishek Bachchan, Aishwarya Rai and tiny Aaradhya Bachchan live at this address. It almost sounds like the Bollywood celebrity head quarter.


The 24 Pali Hill Bungalow, Imran Khan inherited from his grandfather. His grandfather Nasir Hussain was a prominent film maker. In his memory Imran has named the bungalow as NH taking the initials from his grandfather’s name.

Sea Spring

The big bungalow at Bandra, Mumbai is well enclosed by trees and bamboo barricades. This is the dwelling place of the eternal beauty Rekha. The house is efficiently covered so that no part of it is visible from the outside. It seems Rekha is as successful about guarding her house as her personal life.


The Pali Hill residence of eminent lyricist Gulzar is named Boskiyana. True to his profession, Gulzar has named his house phonetically similar to the word ‘Aashiyana’ which means ‘home’. The house name though refers to Gulzar’s loving daughter Meghna Gulzar who has the nick name Bosky.


The sprawling bungalow at the Carter Road is named Aashirwad. This palace like house belonged to the first super star of the Indian cinema, Rajesh Khanna. It saw the heydays of the cine star as well as his dismal topple from the top. Rajesh Khanna lived in this house and breathed his last here. Even after his demise the house is the bone of contention between his live in partner and official family.
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