Bollywood sequels not worth our time and money

There is a growing trend of sequels in Bollywood. The attempt is to cache on the success of the predecessor movie to attract the audience to the movie hall by giving them the hope of something better. But it is a bit astonishing to see that some of the sequels made are of those movies which themselves failed badly at the box office due to lack of original script or worthy content. Here is a look at some of the similar movies which are definitely not worthy of your time and money














The movie was about a wonder car which was haunted by its inventor’s ghost. Howsoever funny the concept may seem, the fact is that a movie with such an annoying script does exist. All the movie has to offer to the audiences was some slapstick comedy and a glimpse of Ayesha Takia’s sexy body. The sequel which is directed by Rajiv Ruia, is reported to be featuring three concept cars which cost up to 21 crores INR. Only time will tell whether such a high investments will result in any returns or not. The script of the movie is not yet finalized.

Total Dhamal











The sequel to the original movie “Dhamaal” was named “Double Dhamaal”, and that itself was a total dismay for the audience. All it contained was traditional fun making elements like mimicry, spoofs, sex comedy and a lot of overacting, none of which really worked for its favor. With such a below average movie as a sequel , we can pretty much make out what will be the result of making “Total Dhamal”, the third one on the series.

Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham















With  Karan Johar’s newly found way  of making movies based on experiments like the contemporary modern dark world in Qurbaan and extraordinary abilities of mentally challenged people like that in “My Name is Khan”, the idea of going back to make a sequel of smash hit movie “Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham” doesn’t  seem to be a good idea.

Nevertheless, the director is all prepared to work on this idea terming it as a bold step.

What needs to be seen is whether the superstar cast that did wonders for the movie 10 years back will be able to revive the glory.

1920 – Evil Returns




















With Aftab Shivdasani taking over in the sequel to the  Vikram Bhatt movie ‘1920’, the fate of the movie seems to be dark. The sequel is expected to hit the silver screens February next year. The original movie was about the experience of a newly married couple in a haunted house.