'Bobby Jasoos': Why it is a good watch

The long awaited film ‘Bobby Jasoos’ finally released on 4th July 2014. The Vidya Balan starrer is a must watch for several reasons. This film belongs to the rare breed of Bollywood creations that offer woman centric stories. Also the story is about a girl detective which is somewhat of a novelty in the Hindi movie world. And to top it all Vidya plays the lead role of the unassuming girl sleuth in the movie. Who can forget her commendable performance in a somewhat similar role, in the movie, ‘Kahaaani’.

The unique thing in this movie to watch out for is the numerous realistic disguises that Vidya dons. She is seen disguised as a fisherwoman, a teacher, a peon and a dabbawala to name a few. Dia Mirza, the producer of the film, speaking about Vidya’s disguises said, “It was one fun-filled experience of discoveries and experiments. Our costume designer Theia Tekchandaney and our make-up artiste Vidyadhar worked tirelessly to conjure looks that would be entertaining to watch, whilst remaining in sync with the demands of the script. I am thrilled and wowed by the many transformations of the versatile Vidya Balan.”

The first half of the movie is fast and gripping. The movie is set in the backdrop of Hyderabad city. Bilquis aka Bobby Jasoos is a 30 year old single woman with a little crack in the head who believes that she is born to be a detective only. She takes up small time sleuthing jobs to earn a living. Her mother is very supportive but the father is skeptical of her choice of profession. Thinks take an interesting turn when Anees Khan arrives in the scene on a big car. He promises to pay Bobby a hefty sum for finding couple of person. After Booby finds the two girls she starts wondering about the motive of Anees.

The feeling of the movie is summed up by Vidya’s comment, "The best part of the film is that it leaves you feeling joyous. Bobby is from a humble background, who wants to be the best detective in her mohalla, not even in Hyderabad. She is lovable and charming." The film critic Taran Adarsh commenting on the film said, “In short, Bobby's the sort of girl with whom you can't help but fall in love. So go see Bobby Jasoos. With a little help from her friends and family, she'll make you happier than you've felt in ages.”