Bips sets to break Kashmiri girls image

We have mostly seen Bipasha Basu in a hot, bold and powerful role, may be those role suits her. But now Bipasha has taken up a new challenge to break the stereotypical image of Kashmiri girls by enacting in Rahul Dholakia's hard hitting drama Lamha. The theme is bold and so her role.

"When you think of a Kashmiri girl in our movies, what comes to mind is a fair-skinned, light-eyed girl. But I want to disprove that myth. The pre-conceived notions have to be overcome," said Bipasha.

Before she gets into the character, she wanted to have a brief idea of a Kashmiri girl.  For that Bipasha had asked her producers to invite a born-and-bred Kashmiri girl from Kashmir to study their social behavior. 

"I've never done a film like this before. The role requires me to be someone else altogether. I've to change my entire personality. And for this I needed help. I wanted to play the character the way girls really are today in Kashmir."

She further said, "I've done a bit role in another authentic film - Prakash Jha's Apaharan. For that matter, Madhur Bhandarkar's corporate was very real and so is Rituparno Ghosh's Sab Charitra Kalpanik. But Lamha is something else."