Bips missed Shiamak’s event for the Bachchans

Although being the brand ambassador of Reebok, Bipasha Basu missed out the Shiamak Davar's collection launched by a sportswear company on Thursday night. The reason has been the presence of the Bachchans that didn’t go well with her. Apparently, Bipasha Basu wanted a solo coverage as she wanted to promote her film, 'Aa Dekhen Zara'. She was not in the favor of sharing the limelight with the Bachchans and therefore annoyed Bips preferred to stay away.

However, Bipasha's spokesperson defended her in the following words, "This is not true at all. It was more a Shiamak event than a Reebok event. Bipasha would have loved to attend it because she's the company's brand ambassador and also because Shiamak is a friend.

She was an invitee and it wasn't imperative that she attend the event. Also the timings clashed with her prior commitment for her movie (Aa Dekhen Zara) promotions and a preview screening on the eve of the film's release. The timings were clashing for both events and hence she couldn't attend the same. The brand had invited her on Tuesday for the event on Thursday and they were informed at the same time about the timing stress."