Bipasha says John is foolish

John Abraham had to pay a heavy price for being over professional. He had injured his foot while shooting for David Dhawan’s ‘Hook Ya Crook’ and despite the injury when he continued to work, he had worsen the hurt to such an extend that when he went to a doctor, he was diagnosed fracture. Bipasha feels John is foolish enough to work in spite of injury.

"It's sad. But John was foolish to keep on playing when his foot was hurt instead of getting it checked," she said.

John got hurt when a hard ball flipped up in the air and banged into his right foot thereby causing a crack. John could feel the pain but at that moment he was so much involved in work that he did not feel like leaving his work and go to a doctor, he did not want to cancel the day’s shooting.

John at first thought the pain might be a muscle pull or ligament tear but when he went to a doctor after the day’s shoot, he was surprised to hear from doctor that it was a major fracture and will take a month to heal down.