Bipasha replaced in shampoo commercial opposite John Abraham

Bipasha Basu and John Abraham have been going through a rough patch in their relationship, there have been various problems cropping up between the two. Bipasha was earlier linked to ex-fame Dino, then she was spotted dating Saif Ali Khan quite a few times and finally there was the alleged kiss with Portugal soccer star Cristiano . All this has definitely taken a toll on the couple, and while some claim that their relationship is over others claim that the couple are still trying to work it out. However their brand image professionally has already started to tumble and this was clearly evident when Bipasha was replaced with another female model opposite John in a shampoo commercial recently.
John and Bips have a brand name to maintain even professionally, in fact earlier too whenever the couple has had problems they have never admitted to them publicly as they were afraid that their professional image together would get affected. Bips and John have been seen together in films and endorsing several products too on-screen due to their real life chemistry. But recently one of their endorsement companies, Clinic All clear shampoo thought it would be best for the two stars to shoot separate commercials as currently their chemistry on-screen would look forced. John Abraham recently shot for the Clinic All Clear Men’s shampoo ad with another female model. Bips too has shot a separate ad campaign without John for the same brand. A spokesperson for the company tried to brush it off saying that John was shooting for the commercial without Bips as it was a men’s shampoo endorsement, but later he shouldered the responsibility on to the creative head when he was questioned as to why another female model was seen opposite John in the ad for the men’s shampoo.

The creative head of the ad on the other hand refused to answer the question and made no comment as to why Bips was replaced with a new female model opposite John. Well a source claims “They don’t want to portray forced chemistry between John and Bips and hence the image conscious company decided it would be better for the stars to shoot separate ad campaigns.” Meanwhile though it seems Bips and John may once again be trying to work out their relationship as they were spotted together at a restaurant. John has recently returned from his shoot in Pondicherry and the two were seen talking quietly despite the curious gazes. So is it a reconciliation for the two? Lets’ wait and watch.