Bipasha misses out John’s film

Bipasha Basu might not share a good rapport with Katrina Kaif but the actress preferred to miss out John Abraham’s new release ‘New York’ not for Kat but due to hectic shooting schedule. At the special screening, everyone was expecting Bips but her absence gave birth to the rumor that she did not want to see Katrina.

Said a source, “It is true the two aren’t the best of friends, to put it mildly. And Bipasha certainly doesn’t want to be seen anywhere near Katrina, and vice versa. But this is her boyfriend’s most important film. And she won’t let her personal prejudices get in the way.”

Bipasha justifies her absence in the following words, “I couldn’t make it for that special screening. I was in Goa shooting. And there was no off day. It’s a crazy schedule out here in Goa, and quite impossible to get away. We’re shooting the climax of All the Best with a crazy number of characters. You’ve no idea what it is like here. I barely get enough sleep and then I’m back on location. I’ll watch it as soon as I’m finished with this schedule in Goa.”

Bipasha has no regrets to miss out John’s film because John too sometimes watches her film months after the release.