Bipasha is afraid to watch horror movies and sleep alone

Bipasha Basu is currently riding high on all the praise she is receiving for her fabulous look and fit body in Dhoom 2. Bipasha is seen playing a double role in the film, first of a tough cop and the other of a hippie gypsy kind of girl. Bips even donned a bikini for the film and looked absolutely sensational in it. However Bips claims that she may not wear a bikini again. Bipasha also recently won the Best Actress Award for her performance in Madhur Bhandarkar’s Corporate at the GIFA event in Malaysia. She also recently performed at the Sabsey Favourite Kaun Awards held in Mumbai.
Bipasha is happy that she is receiving compliments after she donned the bikini for Dhoom 2; in fact she says “I thought about it and felt that it was an occasion for me to get fit. I’ve also known Anahita Shroff, the stylist for a long time so I trusted her with my look. However I wouldn’t wear a bikini onscreen again. Otherwise where’s the freshness in wearing it once? I always believe whatever you do, you should touch and move, not stick on to it.” Unfortunately this decision of the beautiful actress may make her fans who can’t get enough of her sad. Bipasha is also happy to receive the Best Actress Award at GIFA, however many people felt that she did not deserve the award. Bips says “It feels great; this award was dear to me as I can identify myself with the character in Corporate. But as for people feeling that I did not deserve the award, everyone is entitled to their opinion and there will always be a section in support of me and a section against me.”

Bipasha will play a double role again in her forthcoming film, Mr. Fraud which will also star Sanjay Dutt and Ajay Devgan. She is also regularly practicing football along with the rest of the cast of Goal every morning. She will also be seen working with boyfriend John in this film after a long time, the actress says “there are three things that matter when John and I sign a film together- first the script, then our characters and finally whether we want to see ourselves together in a film like this. Everything matched in Goal.” She is also set to do another film for Abbas-Mustan titled Race next year. The film is likely to star Saif Ali Khan, Akshaye Khanna, Anil Kapoor and perhaps Mallika Sherawat. But in spite of the fact that there were rumours about John and Mallika having an affair during their rockstars tour, Bips has no qualms about working with Mallika. Bipasha says “I’d love to share screen space with Mallika Sherawat, I think she fits the role perfectly. For me the right casting is important, as that would add value to the film. I don’t have time for insecurities."

A little secret about Bipasha that she has shared on her official website is that she is extremely afraid to watch horror films on her own. Bips says “I can’t watch horror movies. I can’t even sleep in the dark and so at times I have my man, my dog and occasionally my housekeeper who curls up on the couch in my bedroom. Even loud noises make me jumpy.”