Bipasha Basu to host Seven Wonders of the World ceremony in Lisbon

For the first time ever, the new Seven Wonders of the World will be chosen through a global election and many celebrities worldwide will come together for this historical moment. Our very own Bengali, bollywood beauty Bipasha Basu too will be an integral part of this event, all set to host the gala show in Benifica Stadium, Lisbon. Bipasha will be seen alongside international personalities Hilary Swank and Sir Ben Kingsley. Bipasha Basu is extremely excited and says “History beckons me and I have been given the honour of hosting the official declaration for the new 7 Wonders of the World in Lisbon on July 7th.”
India’s very own beautiful ‘Taj Mahal’ is one of the top contenders for an important position among the new 7 Wonders of the World and this will no doubt add only pride and pleasure to an Indian celebrity being part of the celebrations. Celebrities from all walks of life will be performing at the event, singers Jennifer Lopez and Chaka Khan will be performing, also Spanish ballet dancer Joaquin Cortes will be performing amongst a number of others. Bipasha is extremely excited to be part of history and has even finally decided to wear contact lenses for the ceremony as she suffers from short sightedness which will enable her to have better vision.

Bips has been chosen amongst several other prominent personalities in bollywood and she says “I’m deeply honoured and flattered.” Bipasha will be dressed for the grand event by her friend and favourite designer Rocky S along with Armani. Well it is definitely an honour for bollywood as well as India that a beautiful woman like Bipasha Basu will represent the country on this global platform. Recently after all the upheaval that Bips has seen in her personal life, this will definitely come as a fresh respite for the actress.