Bipasha Basu performs with sex workers

Bipasha Basu performed to the beats of one of her most famous songs ‘beedi jalai le’ again, but the difference was that this time she performed the number with other sex workers. Bipasha was part of Aastha organization and Hollywood celebrity Richard Gere’s Heroes Project who are trying to promote the cause of social awareness against AIDS. Bipasha was asked to be a guest on the show, but she suggested that she perform along with the girls instead. Bipasha truly wanted to be a part of such a generous and enlightening cause.
Bipasha claimed that this show was special and different for her as this one was coming straight from the heart. Bipasha mingled with the girls, sex workers from different localities and joined in the camaraderie during rehearsals. Bipasha was very happy with the girls’ effort, they shared sweets and some of them even chatted in Bengali with Bips. She said “Some of them are younger than me but not once did they break down but instead always had a smile on their faces.” Bips had earlier done a charity show for AIDS awareness and she was also seen in the song promoting AIDS awareness along with other stars. She got involved with this project through Parmeshwar Godrej. Bipasha also met up with Richard Gere at the event.

Bipasha is amazed by the effort and hardwork being done by the organizations to promote AIDS awareness. She is extremely satisfied that the organizations are trying to curb the fatal illness right from the grass root levels. Bips adds that after doing the show “I feel as if I am a good human being. The kind of work that the sex workers and the NGO’s are doing is commendable, I salute them.” Bips even got a bit emotional seeing all the warmth and admiration for her from the sex workers.