Bipasha Basu hurts her knee

The hot diva of our Indian Film Industry, Bipasha Basu has hurt her knee while rehearsing for a dance performance in the MTV Immies, which is to be held on December 9th, 2005.
Bips blames too much stress for her injury. “Yes, I have hurt my knee. It was due to too much stress. I was rehearsing for the MTV Immies (on December 9), and a wedding that took place on Sunday night; in the process, I pushed myself too much — like I always do. I always get so excited about my dance performances that I push myself too hard. During the workouts, I realized that I had done something wrong. The area around my knee started aching, then went numb,” said Bipasha.
Even six hours later of when the injury took place, Bipasha continued to practice for the performance. After these agonizing hours, the pain grew too much to handle for Bips and this is when she had to visit the doctor at Lilavati Hospital.

“The pain was so bad in the night, I knew I had to visit a doctor. In the morning, when I woke up, my knees were swollen. When I went to the doctor at Lilavati Hospital, he said fluid had collected in my right knee. He advised complete rest for the next two days, and said the fluid would have to be gotten rid of soon,” she said.

Bips also got to act like a kid for a while when she got her knees scanned. “Yes, and it was the most boring thing in the world! They took 45 minutes each to scan both knees. When I was cribbing to my mom, who was with me, she said it was the best time for me to take a break and get some rest.”

We hope Bipasha recovers from her injury as soon as possible and continues to entertain her fans.