Bipasha Basu calls Salman 'fitness icon'

Bipasha Basu is known as a fitness freak in Bollywood. However this had not been the case some years back. It was 2007 onwards that we found a fit Bipasha in films.

In early 2010 she unveiled her first fitness DVD titled “Love Yourself” which was launched by her the-then beau John Abraham who got her into the fitness world. John has been known to be the fittest in Bollywood. He has redefined his body in most of his films like “Dhoom”, “Dostana” and “Force”.  

However, following their split in 2011, the two have not even seen eye to eye. Thus this year in 2013, at the launch of her second fitness DVD “Breakfree” Bipasha Basu aptly praised Salman Khan for his health and fitness. She excluded John’s name from her list of fit men of Bollywood.

It was a known fact that John and Bipasha never maintained any healthy equation with Salman Khan following a disagreement between the two hunks during a world tour. However, since the break-up of the couple both the parties were seen mending their equations with Salman. Bipasha however, was seen trying too hard. She made her way to “Bigg Boss” to promote her fitness DVD and get it launched it by Salman Khan.

Bipasha referred to Salman Khan as the ‘fittest icon’, though we know her opinion would have been entirely different had she been with John.

At the official launch of “Breakfree”, when she was asked to mention some of the fittest men of Bollywood, she chose Akshay Kumar, Hrithik Roshan and Salman Khan and said it was difficult to pick only one amongst them.

She spoke about Hrithik saying, “ Hrithik is an extremely handsome guy, great body,”. She added, “He has a lot of issues which he fights and he triumphs to look the way he does.”

She was all praises for Akshay and she said, “Akshay Kumar is my first hero. He is a guy who is not just physically fit, ‘he is also mentally fit.”

Speaking about Salman Khan, she said “Salman Khan has brought fitness into our industry. He is just going to be iconic forever. He is the fitness icon.”

At the event she even got many of her friends from media try out some of the exercises. She tweeted about it saying, “Breakfree! Superrrr Funnn Launch! Loved the participation of my friends frm the media! Time to get fit!”.

Her new DVD is based on dance workouts routines, in other words Aerobics.