Bipasha Basu and Saif chill out together despite their link up

Recently John and Bipasha gave a lengthy interview that they have not broken up and will soon be spending time with each other. Bipasha Basu meanwhile was linked with Saif Ali Khan, her co-star of her next film Race in the absence of boyfriend John who was not in town. Well it seems though that both Bipasha and Saif are unperturbed by rumours linking them together, as recently they were again spotted chilling out together at a night club.
Bipasha had come in with her friends while Saif too was present at the night spot but later they both were seen hanging out together. Says a source “Bipasha and Saif were seen together. They seemed pretty comfortable with each other. However there were no cozy moments between the two and they were pretty much like buddies chilling out together.” Well apparently Bipasha was to leave for the south the next day to spend time with John who is out there shooting for his film Aashayein. Well so is there something cooking between Bips and Saif or are they just good friends, well only time will tell.

Sanjay Gupta’s relationship with actress Sameera is a thing of the past

Producer cum director Sanjay Gupta is known for charming his heroines. The director is known to strike up friendships with several of his leading ladies in his films and has also often been linked to them. In fact this caused a strain in his relationship with his wife Anu. However Sanjay Gupta now claims that all those relationships are a thing of the past and he is anxious to revive his relationship with his wife. Sanjay was also linked with actress Sameera Reddy and recently the media even claimed that the two were spending time together in Goa. But Gupta denies the Goa escapade and says “Yes, I was seeing Sameera, but that’s a thing of the past. It’s over and done with. I’ve moved on.”

Sanjay claims that he has always loved his wife and realized her worth only now and hence he wants to mend his ways. Gupta has also been linked with most of the actresses that he has worked with and he says “It feels ridiculous to be linked with every actress I work with. My days of flings are over.” The director is currently concentrating on producing quality films under his banner ‘White feather Films’ and he also seems to be genuinely making efforts to win his wife back. Well let’s hope that Sanjay’s days of flings are indeed finally over and done with.

Malaika Arora and the Khans have high hopes for Salman and Katrina

Malaika Arora Khan is known as one of the sexiest wife’s and mommy in bollywood and there’s definitely no doubt about that. Malaika will soon be performing another one of her hot item numbers but this one is different as it will also have hubby dearest, Arbaaz Khan as one of the spectators. Arbaaz and Malaika will be seen together on-screen for the first time. However Malaika claims that Arbaaz has no issues with her work and he is pretty cool about it.

However Malaika’s biggest fan is not Arbaaz, but her four year old son. Malaika says “My son is clearly my biggest fan.” Malaika also gushes about being part of one of bollywood’s prestigious family’s, the Khans. She claims “We’re a huge family and we are just inseparable.” Malaika and the rest of the Khans also have high hopes for Salman and Katrina. Malaika says “I can’t forecast Salmanbhai’s wedding details. But yes we are expecting something good to happen soon.” So are the Khans hoping that Salman and Katrina will finally make their relationship official?

Himesh Reshammiya’s burqa stunt just before his film release

Of late composer turned singer Himesh Reshammiya has been in the limelight for all the wrong reasons. First the actor was criticized for his constant nasal voice in his songs, next he was said to be bad mouthing top veteran singers and now it seems Himesh has a found a new way to acquire publicity. Himesh will soon be making his acting debut in the film Aap ka Surroor and recently the actor went to acquire divine blessings at a dargah wearing a burqa.

Unfortunately for Himesh, the religious heads of the dargah were not amused by Himesh’s antics and created a hue and cry claiming that Himesh had hurt the religious sentiments of the sect. Himesh later apologized to the community claiming that it was never his intention to hurt anyone’s religious sentiments. However many feel that Himesh’s stunt just before the release of his film was just another ploy to gain publicity. After all any publicity is good publicity. Meanwhile Salman who gave Himesh his break as a music composer in films seems to have parted ways with him and Himesh is no longer a part of Salman’s films. Supposedly after Himesh’s singing career took off he was unable to pander to Salman’s ego which didn’t go down too well with the star.

Unknown person threatens Kangana Ranaut with acid attack

Kangana Ranaut’s professional life may be going great, but unfortunately the actress has many problems on the personal front. Recently Kangana’s sister was the victim of an acid attack and the girl is currently still traumitised and recuperating. Kangana had also been stressed about her relationship with actor Aditya Panscholi which has now ended. Well unfortunately more problems seem to be pouring in and Kangana is now receiving threatening calls from an unknown person. Kangana has filed a police complaint.

Kangana says “A person has been threatening my manager, Jai and he says Manisha Koirala’s secretary was shot. Do you also want to die like him? He has been using abusive language saying he will shoot Jai and me and throw acid on my face if Jai does not arrange a meeting for him with me.” The caller has also been trying to get in touch with Kangana and is constantly calling her up. No doubt that Kangana and her folks are worried especially after her sister facing the acid attack, but Kangana is trying to hold a brave front and says “I can’t live a life where I have to be scared all the time.”