Bipasha and John hosted a small get together for New Year

Everyone in bollywood brought in New Year’s by either going out on a holiday to some exotic place or by attending lavish parties. But one of the hottest couples in bollywood, Bips-John brought in New Year’s with a small get together of close friends. John and Bipasha had a small dinner for some of John’s close friends at his terrace flat. However amongst this small private group of friends, no one from bollywood was invited and the gathering consisted solely of John’s close friends who stay abroad.
Bips confirms “We had planned a small get together at John’s terrace this year. I didn’t want to party hard anywhere. John’s old school friends had flown down especially for the New Year. About ten of us brought in New Year together.” Bipasha feels that it is better to spend some quality time with those who matter rather than partying endlessly with strangers on New Year.

Amitabh Bachchan voted ‘Indian of the Year’ for the second time

Amitabh Bachchan is both hounoured and humbled at being voted ‘Indian of the Year’ and ‘Entertainer of the Year’ by the people of India. Amitabh says “It is a great honour and an even greater responsibility. I am elated by the affection of the people of this country. On bended knee and with bowed head I salute them.” However Amitabh is also well aware of the responsibility that the title holds and hopes that he will be able to continue to live up to the expectations of the masses.

Amitabh however remembers to take all these honours bestowed on him in a balanced manner as he knows that after all it may not be his tomorrow. He continues to do his work with dedication and energy and hopes that his fans will always appreciate it. At the same time Amitabh believes that controversies and gossip are part of a public figures’ life and that they should accept it. But nonetheless they can manage to keep their private lives separately.

Shilpa Shetty removes her skirt as part of a prank

Shilpa Shetty has not had many successful film releases this year, but apparently that has not made the actor feel low or unhappy. Shilpa was recently seen making her debut on the small screen with the dance competition ‘Jhalak Dikhlaja’. Shilpa will also be doing another reality show; she will be the first Indian bollywood actress to take part in the UK based reality show, Big Brother. Apparently the actress is being paid an astronomical amount of money to take part in the show. Shilpa will also be seen in Anurag Basu’s ‘Metro’ and while shooting for the film she managed to pull a brilliant prank on director Anurag Basu.

After shooting had wound up, Shilpa wanted to play a prank on Anurag as he is a very simple and sweet guy. She informed everyone else on the sets about the nature of her prank. Shilpa planned to do a striptease for Anurag and she was excited about seeing his reaction. According to sources, Shilpa called Anurag to her make-up room and after he entered she locked the door and told him “now I’m going to strip”. Anurag immediately got nervous and did not know how to react. But before he could react any further, Shilpa took off her skirt. Anurag shut his eyes immediately and then he heard her laugh. He then opened his eyes to find Shilpa standing in a pair of capris and laughing at him. That’s when he realized the joke was on him. Now we know what a prankster Shilpa actually is!

Kareena Kapoor buries the hatchet with Yash Raj Films and Karan Johar

Kareena Kapoor may currently not have any films on hand, nonetheless many directors and production houses are vying to get the sexy actress to sign their films. Sometime back Kareena had a fallout with Yash Raj Films when she asked for an astronomical amount for Karan Johar’s film ‘Kal Ho Na Ho’. Now however all the parties concerned, Kareena, Karan and even Yash Raj Films have decided to bury the hatchet and work with each other after a long gap. Now apparently Yash Raj has signed on actress Kareena Kapoor to do a film opposite Akshay Kumar and Saif Ali Khan.

Yash Raj Films wanted the bury the hatchet with Kareena as they want to sign on many of the top playing actors and actresses in bollywood as they want to produce more films in a year. And although Kareena has barely had any hits to her credit, she is considered hot property in the film industry. Hence Yash Raj was eager to sign her on and she too was anxious to sign a film with one of the top banners. Kareena will also be doing a commercial directed by Karan Johar. The commercial will have Kareena endorsing a brand of paints and she agreed to do the commercial as she feels that she can connect with the audiences and partly because her favourite director Karan will be directing the ad film.

Vikram Bhatt and actress Amisha Patel take off on a love holiday

Director Vikram Bhatt and actress Amisha Patel have been dating each other since the past three years. But both of them prefer not to go on talking about their relationship to the media. There have even been many rumours of the two splitting and going their separate ways, but they remain unaffected by such rumours. However recently Vikram decided to treat his ladylove to a vacation in Bangkok. The two lovebirds will spend the New Year holidays in Bangkok.

Vikram was considered as the bone of contention between Amisha and her parents who disliked him. However later on Amisha stopped associating with her family due to some legal and financial problems. It is Vikram Bhatt who supported the actress during her time of crisis with her family. According to sources “The couple will be spending quality time together after a long time. Vikram is genuinely fond of Amisha and he makes it a point that once a year he spends time with her on a vacation.” So this will quash all rumours of a split between the couple and things will once again be rosy for the lovebirds.