Bigg Boss members bid good-bye to Jade

Shilpa Shetty at Bigg Boss24 years old British actor Jade Goody who has come all the way from UK to participate in Indian reality show Bigg Boss could hardly spend 48 hours in Bigg Boss house with 14 other participants as she was diagnosed with early stages of cervical cancer. The revelation moved Jade into tears. With lots of hopes and aspiration, she came to become a part of Big Boss reality show but all her high hopes shattered into pieces when the doctor informed her about this deadly disease. Immediately, she had flown to her home.

In two days, Jade mingled quite well with the other members and even received a nick-name Guddi from her housemates. She was the most prominent member among all for being only international candidate. When the doctor broke the news to her, she was shattered but stood by her side at such a crucial time was her housemates. They consoled her and gave her the courage to cope up with this hard period.

The host of the show Shilpa Shetty also moved with the news of her rival Jade’s deadly disease and prayed for a quick recovery. Jade is a mother of two.