Bigg Boss 7: Toilet trouble for the inmates, no water

The theme of the seventh season of the reality show is hell and heaven and in the true sense the housemates are going to experience both hell and heaven. If they have got bungalow spread over 10,500 sq feet with all luxuries of the house then all the 14 contestants had to suffer the dirtiness of the house as well. 14 contestants had to share two toilets and the worst part is that there are two Indian style toilets with no water!

To add to their problem, the housemates had to carry their own bucket of water to the toilet whenever they get natural call and also they will have to put in a dull crypt with a garage like set-up with rough floors and walls. Adding more problem to them, a warden will be standby to keep a close eye on them.

Bigg Boss 7 house is an blend of the iniquity of hell and serenity of heaven. The space of heaven is flowery with all the comfort and beauty while the hell consist of all sorts of discomfort and dirty. The contestants have to sleep on floor. For the first time, in the history of Bigg Boss, a wall clock has been affixed on the wall but it too has a significance which only time will say. The confession room is a amalgamation of hell and heaven view.

The walls of the house is very decorative and in the kitchen area is written ‘Crazy’. The house also features  bookshelves, bars and a phone. The contestants of the hell will have to face a great problem as the house looks like a dormitory and there is not demarcation in the living area, and kitchen and moreover they will have no kitchen.

The pool side is designed very attractively. The toilet inside the hell will make the life of the contestants hell as it is designed in an old style with no water provision and the toilet is of Indian style.

Talking about the theme, set designer Omung Kumar said, "The theme of the show is based on heaven and hell and the challenge given to me was to create two extreme conditions under the same roof. Following the brief, we created two different houses".