Bigg Boss 7: Sofia Hayat tries to lock lips with Sangram Singh

Apart from weekly nominations, the Monday episode will see an entertaining secret task assigned by Bigg Boss to Sofia Hayat. Sexy Sofia is in the Bigg Boss house and how could Bigg Boss miss the opportunity to get some dose from Sofia. In a task called, ‘Speech Date’, Sofia would judge the best male candidate who has been successful in wooing her. In accomplishing her mission, Sofia would be seen demanding a lip-lock from shy Sangram Singh.

All the male housemates Sangram Singh, Armaan Kohli, Ajaz Khan and VJ Andy would make all effort to impress Sofia. Ajaz Khan comes to her with a cute teddy bear, next come Andy, Armaan Kohli too tried to impress Sofia with his unique style. Sangram comes on a date with white flowers and Sofia gets touchy with shy Sangram Singh. She round his hand around her waist and makes him feel uncomfortable and asked him for a kiss on lips.

Sangram tries to get away from Sofia Hayat but she tries her best to get a kiss from him.