Bigg Boss 7: Shilpa picks up fight with Armaan

The show of Bigg boss has always been a series of drama where the inmates are put into different testing situation. The recent episode was no exception. It is now clear that mind games are gradually taking over the contestants. So, the day started with Shilpa advising Andy not to keep quiet if somebody points the finger at him. Instead, she told him to stand up for himself.

But the real drama started later in the day when Gauhar was called inside the conference room by Bigg Boss and was asked to reveal the luxury budget task. The task was titled ‘Shaitan aur farishtey’. In this task, hell mates had to enter heaven and capture five different places. In each place they will have to replace a silver medal with black. The heaven mates will have to protect their medals. The gates between hell and heaven would remain open for the task. Hell mates will wear devil’s horn as they enter while heaven mates will wear the halos.

The task proved to be quite interesting. The first attempt to steal the medals was made by Kushal and Sangram, but they got disqualified as they got physical. Gauhar was given the responsibility of regulating the task and she clearly stated that no physical violence was allowed. Again, when Kushal snicked in a medal in Gauhar’s absence,  that was also declared to be against the rules.

Meanwhile, Pratyusha complained about the task and declared that she was not willing to participate any more. Tanisha fell down while trying to protect the medal from Sangram and Asif also got hurt in the collision. Gauhar again warned Asif and Tanisha to stop jostling as this was against the rule.

Shilpa blasted Armaan who tried to push Apurva into the swimming pool. She finally conquered the kitchen area but Tanisha was hurt. Ultimately, Gauhar declared the hell mates to be the winners. Big Boss decreed that heaven mates would be restricted only to the pool area and would require permission of hell mates to enter the house. Only two people could enter together.

Gauhar fell sick with a severe heart problem and was picked up and rushed to the bedroom by Kushal. A doctor was called. After examining, he prescribed a few days of rest, but Gauhar assured everyone that the task would go on in spite of her poor health