Bigg Boss 7: Gauhar Khan breaks down

The 15th day of Bigg Boss 7 saw a number of new developments though there were no major calamities and the day proceeded more or less on a happy note. The beat news was probably for Andy who at last got his treasured bag back from the Bigg Boss and expressed his gratitude. In fact, he could not believe his luck. The good fortune put him in a very good mood all through the day and he was seen bonding happily with his best mates Sangram and Ellie as they talked about their love lives and relationships.

The new trend in the Bigg Boss episodes is the tutoring classes. First it was Andy, giving English lessons to Sangram. Now it is Asif the new entrant. He is building a pretty strong connection with Tanisha as he teaches her Bengali. Later in the day, Tanisha, Arman, Shilpa and Anita were seen interacting. Armaan sarcastically named Sangram as ‘double dholki’ meaning two faced.

Not a single day can go without at least some amount of drama in the house of the Bigg Boss. This time, it was supplied by Gauhar who started crying when Kamya commented that she would not accept tea from her. Not surprisingly, it was Kushal who ended up consoling Gauhar and trying to settle her nerves. this Gauhar Kushal love story has become one of the hot topics for discussion in the house of the Bigg Boss. Arman, Tanisha and Pratyusha were seen discussing it at length and they all revealed that everybody else in the house was feeling extremely uncomfortable around the couple.

Finally, it was time for nomination and the excitement was palpable. Big Boss asked everybody to submit two names of people whom the contestant thought should be allowed to continue their stint. Both heaven and hell mates were asked to submit names. Big Boss announced that those who got the lowest number of votes will be nominated for the elimination scheduled for the next week. Big Boss is known for its twists and turns. Nso, the next couple of episodes will surely be very interesting.

Apart from this, the day was quite uneventful. The housemates carried on their usual gossip about who voted for whom and who got how many votes. The day ended on a musical note with Ratan and Andy dancing and singing to the classic number, Ajib dastaan hain yeh.