Bigg Boss 7: Apoorva gets a new haircut, wife Shilpa loses cool

Shilpa Saklani lost her cool when she spot her husband and actor Apoorva Agnihotri with a new hairdo. As a part of the task, Bigg Boss announced a new procedure to treat the infected patients of the hell and he called in doctors Asif and Armaan in the laboratory. A barber’s chair and a mannequin head with a mohawk hairstyle was kept on the lab and the two were asked to give two names who will go through this entire procedure. They named, Sangram and Apoorva.

The doctors informed the two that they have to undergo Mohawk haircut and if they reused the hell side will lose a point. Finally, Apoorva and Sangram ready to get a new hairdo. Outside the inmates were watching everything on TV and Shilpa constantly shouted at Apoorva not to do the task.

At first Apoorva and Sangram thought it was a fool but when Asif and Armaan actually began to trim his hair, picture was clear to them. As Asif and Armaan took the scissor, Shilpa lost her cool and started to throw things. She suffered emotional breakdown and even tried to break mirror with her head. The other inmates tried their level best to control Shilpa but she was  uncontrollable.

Shilpa Saklani went to the extent of locking herself in a room and causing harm to self.

Says a source, “As part of a task, Apoorva and Sangram Singh’s names were called out to sit for a Mohawk haircut. While Apoorva seemed to be quite okay with it, his wife was not cool. She started screaming at the others and even tried to change his mind. She broke down and even tried to break a mirror with her head.”

“The situation apparently turned for the worse when the actress apparently locked herself up and tried to inflict injuries to self. The rest of the housemates had to rush to her defence and had a tough time calming her down”, added the source.

It is not yet sure whether the particular episode will be aired or not but Shilpa should have control her anger.
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