Big fight between Dolly, Manoj on Bigg Boss

Dolly Bindra has become a big headache for the housemates. She has been targeting everyone in the house. After Shweta Tiwari, it is now Manoj Tiwari involved into heated argument with Dolly Bindra. It all started on the breakfast table when Manoj Bindra asked for eggs. Dolly as a kitchen captain set her own kitchen rules and according to which, all the housemates has to finish the leftover food.

When Manoj demanded eggs, Dolly refused. Then screening and abusing continued for a long time. Fustrated Manoj went up to said, "Kitchen kisi ke baap ka nahi hai" and this statement of Manoj was enough to lost cool of Dolly. She took it personally and replied, "Baap pe jaana nahi."

When they were fighting, no one in the house interfered accept Shweta Tiwari. After sometime, Dolly has a brawl with Sameer Soni also when Sameer without her permission taken fruits.

When Manoj and Dolly were fighting, lovebirds, Veena and captain of the house Ashmit Patel were totally into each other.