Big birthday bash planned for Big B

The tall Bollywood legend Amitabh Bachchan was born on 11th October, 1942. This year he is turning 70 and also this is his first birthday with granddaughter Aaradhya. Well! This certainly calls for grand celebration and his wife Jaya is not keeping any stones unturned to make the party a roaring success.

The birthday party is planned on 10th Of October. The venue will be the 3 floors in the brand new Reliance Mediaworks studio, situated at Goregaon film city. The location at the northern part of Mumbai is a good place for the grand event.

The humble Amitabh is surely feeling shy about all the media attention on his birthday as he stated in a press meet, "A million interviews, a million good wishes and a million desires of continuance... birthdays at 70 seem special to some. Just another day for me." However, Mrs. Jaya Bachchan begs to differ.

According to the grape vines Jaya has carefully planned all the details of the party. The party is going to have a dress code. It will be black tie and tuxedos for the men. It is similar to Karan Johar’s turning 40 birthday party dress code.

The invitations are already being sent to the celebrity guests and they are asked to turn up by 8:30 pm at the venue. This is necessary as the live performances will be starting by that time. We hear that the Bangalore based dance group Nritarutya will be performing a ballet at 9:30 pm. The ballet will be based on a famous work created by Amitabh’s father Harivansh Rai Bachchan.  The lines will be recited by none other than the Big B, himself.

Amitabh will unveil a book at 10:30 pm that contains the drawings of him made by various artists. This is a short half an hour program. Immediately after the completion of the launch of the book the dance floors will be opened to the guest and the dinner will also be served.

Now the menu item for the bash is of high interest to the food lovers. Though much information about the food menu is not forthcoming, it is learnt that the guests are already asked about their food preference of being vegetarian or non vegetarian.

Incidentally, it is interesting to note that all the guests are requested to leave behind their bodyguards at the reception.

We too wish Amitabh Bachchan a very happy birthday and many happy returns of the day.